October 4, just before the net in one race - the Pan Pacific Open runner-up Jankovic won came to Beijing.  As the current in the network, defending champion Jelena Jankovic in popularity among Chinese fans, excellent, just off the plane has been "fans" surrounded. Settle down a little, Jankovic came to Anta Gongzhufen Cuiwei shop for children to interact with the fans.
In the afternoon, Anta Cuiwei

surrounded by layers of children's stores have been fans, we want to see the defending champion in the network presence. Jankovic has not made "fans" disappointed, like Chinese culture, she is the first extended to China's National Day greetings to fans and blessing, this immediate access to the warm applause from the fans. Jankovic also referred to themselves and the Chinese understand love, she said that he very much like China is willing to the popularity of tennis in China to make its own positive efforts.

Course of the activity Jankovic have demonstrated the care of young players. Anta Cuiwei day children shop with two young tennis player Jelena Jankovic "zero distance" contact, she not only enthusiastically signed photo with the requirements of small players, but also counseling they said: "Do not underestimate tennis hats, tennis clothes and tennis shoes and other equipment, the details of selection, it will help you achieve the breakthrough performance! "finished, Jankovic will be his own hands for a small selection of professional sports players equipment and patience to explain.  

In fact, Jankovic has always attached great importance to the healthy growth of young people. While ordinary day event busy, but she always found time to participate in charitable activities, appeal to the community concerned about the environment for the growth of young people, and has twice been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. This coincides with the views of ANTA KIDS. Anta KIDS has been committed to R & D more protective products that enable children from China by sports injury. Has also been committed to providing better services for children and youth to thrive and contribute their strength. 
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