October 8, Jankovic appeared at Chaoyang Park Tennis Center, to attend her own sponsor Anta campaign carried out in their special mechanical test. It is understood that the test came from China's first professional sports science laboratories - Anta Sports Science Laboratory, which tests for the players through scientific technology and equipment are tailored to the current international top level, Roger Federer has also been received a similar test.

Multiple tests of science to create "Jankovic filled"
Tennis Center in the Chaoyang Park stadium, Jankovic accepted testing by experts in sports science labs. According to ANTA arrangements for sports science laboratory experts, Jankovic wore a special installation of electronic equipment, shoes, the court repeatedly doing serving, hitting, net and volley, shuttle run, sideslip and other professional moves, and often manner by experts "halt" to accept measured and recorded. Anta Sports Science laboratory staff said, through the plantar stress testing, mechanical analysis and a series of tests, they will be fully resolved Jankovic's efforts to force the situation, foot structure, the pace of a different form of action, and even exercise habits, so as to build her "foot model", and according to the model designed specially for Jankovic Anta game equipment.
In addition to the professional design competition shoes, this, Anta Science Laboratory experts also carried out for Jankovic body measurements between the size measurement of each site carefully to millimeters, and with Jankovic dress communication experience, and strive to create the perfect match for her clothes.
Interestingly, the same day, although the test results required by the staff in-depth analysis lab come back, but the staff generally indicated that Jankovic as the former world's top female tennis player, although the type of feet long, thin, but their feet strength is much higher than the common people, which is frequently in the running, she could still be an important reason for strong shots.

Jankovic insisted : never stop talking about sending an international sponsor of Anta's top sports science lab team to test and build her own customized equipment, Jankovic was very satisfied, she said happily: "Professional! have such a professional team of design and service for me, for me to create the objective conditions, I am very satisfied that I want to reward excellent performance in all games, I am confident."
The same day, Jankovic was also filmed for the new season, ANTA print ads, although Beijing is the cool autumn breeze, Jankovic has looked very excited: "These clothes are very good-looking, I believe it will be very exciting season. "

Turning to the court, Jankovic said that she was eliminated because of arm injury. Although the results of the competition is very regrettable, but seeing from China, Anta sponsors for their support, as well as numerous fans for their love, she was pleased. "Every time I came to China I feel very nice." Jankovic said, "I want to tell those who love me "People, please be assured that next season, a career track in the future, I will never stop playing uphold the breakthrough, and strive to return to peak. "  
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