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Jelena is currently ranked 6th in the world.


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The Movie

is a documentary about Serbian tennis player and former world no.1 Jelena Jankovic.

Young, beautiful girl wakes up in one hotel room, in some exotic corner of our planet.
After she gets up, dresses herself, washes her teeth, as any other 22 year-old-girl
would do, any similarity between this girl and regular twenty-two-year-old- girl disappears.
This girl is the third best world tennis player and today starts the new tennis tournament.
She has very strict schedule to follow: breakfast, training, signing autographs, massage,
consultations, relaxing and the first match. Always on her side she has her mother (family)
and couple important associates. Sponsors, tournament organizations, fans, they all want
something from her. Even this film-crew that fallows her all around.
What Jelena wants is to become the number 1. This dream she shares with a whole bunch
of other girls, but she is the one of the couple chosen ones that could see it come true.
Fighting her way to that goal, she is not alone. Behind her is an army of fans from Serbia
and all over the world, young ones and old ones, that need and believe in  Jelenas success.
They identify themselves with this always smiling, eccentric, fighter-girl and experience every
her success as their own.
But Jelena is not a super-hero. She has ups and downs, knows success, but also defeats, she
cries when she is sad and smiles when she is happy; she doesnt fear showing herself and her
feelings as they really are. And that makes her super- idol.
Whit this movie all  sport, tennis  and Jelena  fans will have a chance to dive deep into the world
of professional tennis and he is never gone be same for them again, because they will be led
through it by Jelena Jankovic herself.


The documentary on the best Serbian tennis player received an award on the International sports film festival, held in Palermo.
Jelenas World directed by Tanja Brzakovic, won the award for the best editing in the cathegory of the feature movie.
Beside the documentary on JJ, which was officially presented in Belgrade in November 2008, movies from Italy (totally five), two from the USA, Russia and Spain,
as well as one from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Iran, Canada, Belarus, Austria, Germany and England were also shown at the festival.
The camera of Tanja Brzakovic followed the Serbian tennis player on the tournaments in Madrid and Berlin, during the last and this year, and certain parts were filmed
 also in Seville and in Belgrade.




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