Read this interview with Jelena. It was published earlier today. It's for the upcoming Ortodox Christmas.

Q: How many rackets and sneakers do you have in your house?

JJ: About 15 rackets and about 20 paires of sneakers.

Q: Where do you keep your sport equipment?
JJ: In my closet for sport equipment.

Q: Do you have an object that you keep as a special memory?
JJ: Yes, a piggy bank which I've had since my childhood.

Q: Do you have a box where you keep your memories and would you like to discover what is in it?
JJ: I have a box in which some old letters and pictures are. It is part of my intimacy, I keep that only for myself.

Q: Do you have a special "ceremony" before the matches, especially those big, important?
JJ: I wouldn't call it ceremony. Each match is a big and important, but still I say, before the special ones I love to spend some time with my team to relax with a joke, listen to a few favorite songs on mp3 player and then I go to the match.

Q: How do you see yourself in the role of wife and mother?
JJ: Reflections on marriage and children always remind me of my parents who have a wonderful marriage and love children above all. I think that they developed love in their children and I think we will do the sam to our children. The most important thing as regards the marriage is to love people, to jointly share the beautiful and ugly things that life carries.

Q: Favorite perfume or one that you currently use ...
JJ: Currently using "Burberry Brit" and Jessica Simpson's "Fancy".

Q: How do you tame your hair?
JJ: I use a serum which makes it smooth and glossy.

Q: How many hours a day do you sleep?
JJ: About eight.

Q: Do you curse sometimes?
JJ: I'd rather not comment this because I try not to curse in private life, but when I'm on tennis court and things don't go the way I wanted, I say a couple of ugly words.
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